Babe Extension After Care
Babe Extension After Care

Babe Extension After Care

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These kits contain:

1) A hair extension brush. This brush is made of 100% boar hair and was created especially for hair extensions. It’s soft enough that it won’t pull or catch the extensions, causing them to slip. It should be used at least three times a day to keep hair from matting and tangling.

2) Dry shampoo. Extensions should be washed as little as possible, and the dry shampoo keeps hair looking and smelling fresh between washes. Babe’s dry shampoo is formulated specifically for extensions and smells lightly of vanilla. It’s also great to use even if you don’t have extensions in, so when your client takes them out, she’ll still be able to use it between washes!

3) An after care card. This cute card has tips and tricks to help remind your client what she should do to keep her extensions in great shape!

4.) A nice cosmetic bag with a zipper.  Has compartments for brush, shampoo and more!